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Here are some of the places where Dyna is installed at Johns Hopkins University.

Only some of these installations are kept up to date. To check the version number, type dynac --version. If a more recent version is available for download, you could download it yourself or ask us to upgrade the public installation.

Many of the people who work on Dyna can be found in CSEB 324 or nearby.

CS ugrad machines

The latest version (as of 04/18/2007) is installed.

Add /usr/local/data/cs325/dyna/bin to your path, using one of the following commands depending on which shell you are running:

 export PATH=/usr/local/data/cs325/dyna/bin:$PATH
 setenv PATH /usr/local/data/cs325/dyna/bin:$PATH

NLP lab machines

Add /export/tools/bin to your path.

See above for how versions are updated and how to invoke a particular version.

CS grad machines

Is there a public install or just personal installs?
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