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What's this all about?

Our website is a wiki, meaning that it can be edited by anyone. It uses the same MediaWiki software that runs Wikipedia.

This is an experiment in collaborative documentation. We are an open-source project, and we really appreciate your help perfecting the documentation and tutorial material (as well as the code and design).

At present, most writing and editing is done by the developers - and we find MediaWiki to be a nice, painless way to collaboratively edit good-looking documentation.

But ultimately, documentation is intended to serve you, the user community. We used a wiki because we wanted to give you the opportunity to explain things better than we could! And because you should have somewhere to contribute your useful experiences about how to use Dyna effectively in practice.

How do I actually do the edit?

Use the "edit" tab at the top of the page. To edit a section, use that section's "edit" link. Use the "discussion" tab at the top of the page to visit a related page devoted to discussing this page.

For help on formatting text, see the editing overview and practice in the sandbox. Or search the MediaWiki User's Guide.

Are anonymous edits allowed?

Yes, but for substantial edits it's best to log in using the link in the upper right corner.

But should I really be editing your documentation website?

If you want to tell us about an issue without changing the wiki yourself, please email us. You may want to use the special documentation address.

But feel free to edit a page that you are pretty sure is unclear, incomplete, or incorrect.

Of course, be careful! The documentation will be relied on by many people. We will probably notice your edit in the change log and review it, but don't count on that. (You can email us the page URL if you want to be sure that we check it.)

In general, it is safer to insert something new (perhaps in italics, and perhaps with a signature) than to replace something that exists.

Comments in the wiki

Every page also has an associated comments page (see tab at the top). Feel free to leave a comment.

We might fail to notice such comments unless notified of them by email. (Eventually we may gateway comments to a mailing list.)

What version is documented by the website?

Roughly speaking, the latest version.

Some documentation may be out of date; if so, please fix that.

Some documentation describes the design of future features that are not yet implemented. This should be clearly marked.

Some documentation may explicitly refer to older versions that are still in use. This should be clearly marked.

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