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You can download a Dyna-to-C++ compiler below. This compiler was released in 2005 and handles the original Dyna language described here, which allows semiring-weighted deductive inference. It produces fast code and is still useful.

However, the Dyna language has gained considerable power since then (see recent papers starting in 2011), and we are currently developing an implementation of this more powerful language; you can get the bleeding-edge version from github.

How to download

Before you download dyna, we'll request your email address. It will only be used for sending out bug reports and upgrade announcements. Thanks!

Warning: This compiler is alpha software! We are currently redesigning and reimplementing from the ground up. See the version history and list of known bugs. Also, only a subset of the language is implemented so far: see current limitations and workarounds.

Download dyna v0.3.10

Note: JHU users may want to use an existing public installation.

List of platforms

Please tell us on which platforms you are successfully or unsuccessfully using Dyna. The current version has been successfully compiled and tested on the following platforms so far:

Linux 2.4.20 - SuSE 9.0 - gcc3.3.1
Linux 2.6.4 - SuSE 9.1 - gcc3.3.3
Linux 2.6.10 - SuSE 9.2 - gcc3.4.3
Linux 2.4.20 - RedHat 9 - gcc3.2.2
Linux - gcc2.96
Linux - Red Hat Ent Linux AS 3.0 on Intel - gcc3.2.3
Linux - gcc2.95
Solaris - gcc3.3.3
Windows - Cygwin (tested with cygwin 1.5.10, gcc3.3.3 on Windows XP) 

Dyna 0.3.9 did not compile with gcc 3.4.4 or gcc 4.0. However, you can use a patch to make it compile on those platforms. See [1]. This is fixed in the current version 0.3.10.

If you have problems compiling or using Dyna, please let us know! Dyna is currently in an unstable alpha status and every user report helps us identify portability issues and bugs. Thanks!

Ubuntu tips

On Ubuntu, one user reports that he needed to use GCC 3.x. He apt-get installed these packages:

  • gcc-3.3 (3.3.6)
  • g++-3.3 (3.3.6)
  • cpp-3.3
  • flex

and modified lib/Makefile.config, replacing this text:

# Compilers
ifndef CXX
ifndef CC

with this:

# Compilers

Then Dyna compiled and worked.

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