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We still have to choose the open-source license (after consultation with the JHU legal department).

As there is no license yet, your use of the code is subject to the default rules, namely United States copyright law. If you want to do anything funky with the code, email the authors at dyna at cs dot jhu dot edu for permission.

The license (probably GPL) should only apply to our compiler. There should be no restriction on the use of code that is produced by the compiler, including boilerplate code such as header files.

The Dyna package also includes open-source code written by others. This code should go in subdirectories of src/, and each such subdirectory should contain a LICENSE file. We should also have a LICENSES directory collecting symlinks (?) to those licenses in one place.

Code we're distributing:

  • dynac (our compiler)
  • some modified STL classes (priority queue, etc.)
  • astyle (inessential: nicely reformats the C++ code produced by dynac)
  • zyacc (since dynac generates a small parser for reading the string representation of the user's term objects)
  • TAO/Petsc (fast numerical optimization code used by some DynaMITE methods)
  • graphviz (for layout in visual debugger; not distributed yet)
  • prefuse (for basic interactive graph features in visual debugger; not distributed yet)

Probably don't need to include the following code:

  • flex (maybe we need to redistribute this with the Windows version?)
  • gcc (for compiling the C++ code generated by dynac)
  • JVM/SWING (for the visual debugger)

We may need to produce a binary-only Windows release for use in GPL-phobic corporate environments. We might also set up a way to run the compiler over the net without installing it at all -- people would email us their Dyna code, or submit it via a web page, and we'd send the results back.

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