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This page describes a future feature. We do have SWIG wrappers for an earlier version of Dyna, as proof of principle, but they are out of date.

You don't have to know C++ to write your driver programs. Several other driver languages are or will be supported.

For example, suppose you prefer Perl. Put the following driver script in an executable file called hello:

... fill this in ...

You still have to compile the Dyna program from the previous section. Use the BLAH BLAH BLAH option to compile it into a form that Perl can use:

dynac [... magic Perl option here ...] hello.dyna

Now running your driver script with ./hello or perl hello will produce the desired output:

$ ./hello
hello*world = 42

The Dyna documentation (including ths tutorial) usually assumes that you are writing the driver program in C++. That's because your Dyna program really does compile into C++ classes. Options like BLAH BLAH BLAH simply wrap those classes for use by another language, using SWIG. You may pay a speed penalty for this. See the list of driver languages for more details.

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