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pasdardomco When dyna is ready for a new release, modify the top-level VERSION file with the new version number and check it in. Then create a snapshot in the svn repository. For example, for version 0.3.9, do:

 svn copy file:///export/svn/dyna/trunk file:///export/svn/dyna/tags/v0_3_9 -m "Releasing version 0.3.9"

Note that underscores replace dots in the tag name.

Then in any dyna top-level directory, run

 make dist

This command produces dyna-0.3.9.tgz, or whatever the latest version is. Note that it does not depend on the current contents of your checkout but only on the VERSION variable. You could thus produce a snapshot of an older version with

 make VERSION=0.3.6 dist

Finally, copy the tarball to kvetch:/var/www/html, where the download script will automatically see it. If you have a paranoid umask, make sure the tarball is world readable.

TODO: Checking in the version file and then making the subversion tag is egregiously non-atomic. Ideas?
TODO: How do we make .rpm files? .deb?
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