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Most papers, abstracts, and related materials such as slides can be browsed here.

  • Eisner and Filardo (2011) is the place to start. It is a long book chapter that motivates and explains the language design, and includes example Dyna code to solve a variety of problems.
  • Shyamshankar et al. (XLDI 2012) describe the K3 platform, which provides the flexible and adaptive storage architecture for the new Dyna.
  • Eisner (2009) is not a paper, but a video of a talk, with slides available.
  • Eisner (2008) is an extended abstract giving the motivation and goals of the project. There are extensive accompanying slides.
  • Blatz & Eisner (2007) is a long paper. It gives a denotational semantics for a somewhat more general version, and then lays out several program transformations on Dyna programs, to turn one algorithm automatically into a more efficient algorithm.
  • may also be worth referencing as a more comprehensive and up-to-date description (but is currently out of date).

See also our list of publications that are not primarily about Dyna, but which use Dyna.

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